Top 10 female-led small businesses

One of the benefits of lockdown is that it has caused so many women to start up small businesses selling everything from stickers to candles. I love supporting small businesses as it feels much more personal and often the products are better made. For Galentine’s Day this year, I wanted to share some of the female-led small businesses which I’ve discovered over the past few months. Some of these businesses I have bought from already and others I plan to buy from soon. I thought this would be a brilliant opportunity to champion female creators and share them with other women whom I know will love their products too. 


I discovered TOTESFORYOUU during the first lockdown when I became obsessed with TikTok. For my birthday I was gifted a personalised tote with my name on which I absolutely love. Since then, the brand has grown so much, and they have released other products including jumpers, planners and prints. 

Link to website: Click here

2. Groovy Cat Garms

Groovy Cat Garms is a brand which I also discovered through TikTok that sells prints, clothing, accessories and so much more. I loved that the brand was Manchester based, vibrant and unique. I’ve bought two sweatshirts already and I absolutely love their new Valentine’s Day range. I cannot wait to see the products which are released throughout the year. 

Link to website: Click here

3. Eva Malley 

Eva Malley is a business which I discovered through Instagram which sells clothing, prints, earrings, stickers and so many other products. I managed to bag a pink sweatshirt shortly after the restock, but there are so many other products from Eva Malley which I would love to buy. The prints in particular are beautiful and I wish I had more space in my flat as I adore the ‘Housemates Print’ which seems to be one of the best-selling items. 

Link to website: Click here

4. Rosa Illustration 

I love this brand. Rosa Illustration sells prints, calendars, t-shirts and more. If you love colourful artwork that celebrates women, you will love this business. I am waiting for an excuse to buy the AOC print as it looks incredible. 

Link to website: Click here

5. Tillecm

I have been raving about the products on Tilliecm for months. Tilliecm runs an Etsy shop which sells postcards, prints, stickers and more. Her products are so affordable. I’ve managed to get so many family members and friends to buy from Tilliecm. If you are a big film fan, you will love this brand. I have tonnes of movie postcards and prints around my flat from this brand. I cannot wait to see what she brings out in the future. 

Link to Etsy shop: Click here

6. Ellastrated 

I discovered Ellastrated through Instagram and recently purchased a Manchester print from the shop which I love. Ellastrated has a wide range of prints as well as numerous other products. Her style is polished, bright and individual and I cannot wait to buy from her shop again. 

Link to website: Click here

7. Skeletondraw 

Skeletondraw is one of my favourite shops on Etsy. If you are looking for an illustrated card, then look no further. I discovered the brand at the start of the year whilst scouring Etsy for a birthday card for my sister. I found the Sex Education card and fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve bought numerous cards from Skeletondraw so cannot recommend the shop enough.


Link to Etsy shop: Click here

8. Adrawsinwonderland 

This is an Etsy shop I discovered really recently which I think will become incredibly popular as the brand grows. I was looking for illustrated Galentine’s Day cards and found adrawsinwonderland. Her range of cards are so affordable I couldn’t believe it when I saw the price. I’ve since ordered more cards from her shop to send to relatives and I look forward to seeing if she releases any new products in the coming months. 

Link to Etsy shop: Click here

9. MagnifyingArt 

This is another incredible Etsy shop which I also discovered whilst looking for Galentine’s Day cards. I managed to get one of the Bridgerton cards for my sister which was beautifully packaged. I wish I could’ve kept the card I loved it so much. MagnifyingArt is currently selling ranges of bookmarks, cards and stickers which are adorable. 

Link to Instagram: @magnifyingart

Link to Etsy shop: Click here

10. EmmyLupinStudio

This is a shop on Etsy which I have been following for months. If you love feminist prints you will love this shop. There are pages of illustrated postcards and prints which are the perfect thing to brighten up your room. 

Link to Etsy shop: Click here

These are just a few of the phenomenal female-led small businesses which I have discovered over the past few months. I’ve made sure to include links to their shops and socials so that even if you cannot buy from them at the moment you can benefit from their artwork on your social feeds. I hope you have an amazing Galentine’s Day and if you know any female-led brands which you think I would love please send them my way. 

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