The best coffee shops in Newcastle

First things first, I absolutely adore coffee. My love for an early morning latte has caused me to spend many an hour tapping away on my laptop, powering through multiple books for my course and drinking A LOT of coffee in many of Newcastle’s coffeehouses. I am one of those university students who runs away from the library and into a coffee shop. I find that the silence and pressure to be productive inside the Philip Robinson library is sometimes a tad too intense. Therefore, I usually rush into a coffee shop where I can socialise with my course mates and find solitude to work on my creative writing pieces all under one roof. After spending two years wandering through Newcastle’s streets and buying multiple cups of coffee, I have compiled a list of the perfect places to go if you are ever in need of a coffee break.

  1. Flat Caps Coffee

This is the first coffee shop I ever visited in Newcastle and it became a kind of safe haven in my first year when I was still finding my feet in a new city. This funky spot is located in Carliol Square, which is slightly off the beaten track, yet it is only an 8-minute walk from Grey’s Monument. If you love indoor plants, then you HAVE to visit this coffee shop. The walls are laced with fairy lights and the ceiling is covered with hanging baskets which provides a beautiful aesthetic. For any students looking for an ideal study spot, this is the place for you. Flat Caps Coffee offers free WIFI, the best brownies in town and some amazing tunes on their playlist so it is worth a visit.

2. Pink Lane Coffee

This quirky coffee spot is located at 1 Pink Lane (which is by far the best street name in the city). Pink Lane Coffee is just minutes from central station which makes it an easy find for any individuals visiting Newcastle for the first time. For any early risers out there this coffee spot opens at 7:30am Monday through to Friday. Pink Lane Coffee even comes with its own illuminated pink sign and you can’t really top that.

3. Laneway & Co

This is the most artsy coffee spot in Newcastle. Everything is incredibly modern and minimalistic (even their distinctive logo). Laneway & Co is tucked away on 17-19 High Bridge and is the perfect place to have a break from the chaos of Newcastle’s city centre. For anyone in need of a reading spot I would really recommend their downstairs seating area. This is the kind of place where you can settle down with an iced coffee and listen to The Kinks playing peacefully in the background. For any vegans, veggies or people who have a gluten intolerance there are SO many options.

4. Café 1901

Amongst the residents of Jesmond this seems to be a well-loved coffee spot which is located on St George’s Terrace. Café 1901 is situated within Jesmond’s Methodist church which provides an unusual setting for a coffee shop. The vibe inside is incredibly cosy and reminds me of a bric-a-brac store. There is everything from old cinema chairs to bird cages and maps dotted around the room. The pastel blue outdoor seating is ideal for brunching throughout the summer months and they also welcome any four-legged friends accompanied by their owners.

5. Heaton Perk

This independent coffee spot can be found at 103 – 105 Heaton Park Road. If I were to sum up this coffee shop in one word it would be nostalgic. Not only does the name remind us of the hit 90s show Friends, but they also sell classic confectionary such as Freddo chocolate bars and Sherbet Fountains. This coffee spot has a strong vintage vibe with its old-fashioned teapots and worn book cases. Heaton Perk runs events for the local community (I really recommend checking out their Facebook page for some music events coming soon!). If you are ever in need of an affordable cup of Joe in a homely setting, then this is your place.

6. Cake Stories

This family run coffeehouse sits at 12 Brentwood Avenue and sells an array of hand baked cakes and flavoured teas. This small coffee spot is just minutes from West Jesmond Metro station and is incredibly popular amongst local residents. If you are ever in need of a sweet treat then this is the place for you as they sell everything from blondies to brownies. The decor inside Cake Stories is incredibly eccentric and their blossom tree display is a must see!

7. Camber Coffee

This is my most recent find; however, it seems to be my new favourite spot for writing. This coffee spot is tucked away inside Smart Fitness at 33 – 35 Market Street. There is a vast range of vegan treats such as pancakes and a full English breakfast. The white washed walls, old bus seating and glass teapots create a trendy vibe for anyone who prefers independent coffee shops to larger chains. This coffee spot also has one of the best views of the city as you can watch over Grainger Street and Grey’s Monument with a cup of coffee in your hand. 

8. Batch

This quaint coffee spot can be found at 14 Clayton Road. Batch is both a bakery and a café which sells a number of freshly baked goods. This is a pretty tiny café, although I think that its size adds to its character. The beautifully decorated counter presents the array of savoury and sweet treats available. If you fancy a small hideaway to stick your nose into a novel, then I think that this might be the place for you.

These are just a few of some of the amazing coffee shops across the city and I am sure there are many more that I am yet to find. Nevertheless, in my opinion these are the BEST coffee shops in Newcastle so why not have a wander down and try them for yourself?

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