How I decorated my university room

That time of year has come when I am attempting to pivot furniture down multiple flights of stairs and I am sat scrubbing blue tac marks off my walls ready for another move. Moving out is always a stressful situation. You always seem to have one too many boxes to fit in the back of your parent’s car and for some reason you never have enough bin bags. Yet, during the process of clearing out my second year room I realised which items had gathered dust and which I constantly reached for. So, before my room is bare and smelling of cleaning products, I thought I would give a quick tour of the room that became my home from home for a year and my favourite bits and bobs which I used to make it my own.

  1. Cheerz and LALALAB Polaroid Prints

These two brands are the first places I go to if I ever want to update my polaroid collection. I have apps for both which means that I can edit and order my prints straight from my phone. Retro prints from Cheerz start from 21p, whereas prints from LALALAB start from 22p. LALALAB is perfect if you want some funky patterned prints. Cheerz is ideal for those bold block colours. These two brands also permit you to personalise each photo with your own text and if you buy in bulk you get a little bit more for your money. In my room I have laced each and every wall with polaroid prints (even our flat fridge got a bit of a makeover). I think it is so important to remind yourself of the people and places you love when you are away from home. Personally, I moved three hours away from my hometown to come to university and seeing photos of my nearest and dearest made me instantly feel more settled.

2. Pretty Peaches & Cacti Bed Linen

For some reason I have collected SO many bed sheets. I seem to constantly wash them just to have an excuse to put a new set on. There always seems to be two sets which I reach for. My cacti set from Primark and my peach emoji set from Urban Outfitters. These two sets are at either end of the price scale, yet do not greatly differ in quality. The cacti set was only £15 and allowed me to display my growing plant obsession, although I had to save for the peachy set as they were around £40 excluding the 10% student discount. Both I love, however I would really recommend waiting for the sale season if you love the Urban Outfitters homeware section as much as I do. The sheets particularly drop to nearly half the price and you often get your student discount on top of the sale price.

3. Fuzzy Throws

These are especially useful in the winter months when you are resisting putting your heating on all day and you are wandering around the house in your cosy dressing gown. I have found so many amazing throws over the past two years for only £4 which is an absolute bargain. I bought my tangerine orange pom-pom throw from Wilkos during Autumn and it looks identical to some of the throws from Oliver Bonas which are priced at £38. Alternatively, the throws in Primark are incredibly soft and great for communal use in a student house. Throughout second year I would often walk into the living-room to see my housemates wrapped up in blankets watching Friends with a tonne of candles dotted around the room which is an adorable image so I would really recommend buying some house throws.

4. Chickidee Basket Storage

Chickidee is a brand which I discovered about two years ago in my favourite shop in Leicester called SET. Chickidee does all sorts from homewares to bath and beauty items. I fell head over heels in love with their seagrass basket storage range. The pastel colours and pom-poms were right up my street and I invested in a medium sized basket which I keep at the end of my bed. I use it store all my water bottles and blankets which I do not use as much in the summer months. I would definitely suggest exploring the Chickidee items in the ASOS sale at the moment and checking out their website if you are a homeware person like myself.

5. LED Cloud String Lights

I adore these lights and was incredibly lucky as I had been gifted them for a Valentine’s Day present from The seller on the website is Lisa Angel. I use these lights on the top of my white storage boxes to make my room snug and homely at night. Whilst writing this post I checked to see how much the retail price was and I was shocked to discover they were selling for only £2.50 under the 75% sale! I cannot recommend these enough and hopefully when this blog post goes up they are still available.

6. Typo Ombre Fairy Lights

This is probably my favourite item which I have bought in any sale all year. Usually, Typo fairy lights are extremely expensive and are priced around £25. Although, I managed to find these beauties in the sale for £15 which still is pretty expensive, but that £10 which I saved allowed me to convince myself it was okay to spend more of my money on homewares. These lights have a silver sort of tinsel which runs alongside each fairy light strand and they bring a bit of vibrance and colour into my room when I am binging Louis Theroux after a long day at uni.

7. Authentic and Artificial Plants

In recent years terrariums and indoor plants have massively returned as a huge trend. Personally, I love having plants in my room. I just need to become more skilled as an indoor gardener. I have one trusty plant which I bought from Homebase at the start of second year for £5 and so far, he has survived a year with me and hopefully with survive many more. I hope to dot around many more cacti and succulents as I move into my new property, but I will confess I have an artificial IKEA plant too. I know I should not, yet I do. If looking after yourself at university is enough responsibility for you to deal with then this is a handy alternative to get that desired aesthetic.

8. Copper Wired Primark Storage

One of my favourite colours is copper which is pretty clear when you take a look at my room. I have TONNES of copper storage. It is so useful for so many different things. I use a copper basket in the flat bathroom with all my shampoos and skin products which keeps everything neat and tidy. I then have a copper basket for every random item in my room from books, hair bobbles, pens and so on. Primark do a great copper office set and offer so many different sizes and colours of these wire baskets so if copper is not your shade, I am sure you will find the colour that you are looking for.

These are a roundup of some of my favourite homewares which I have used to decorate my second year room. To anyone starting university or already there I would massively recommend that when September rolls around that you personalise your new space. Throughout the year a lot of sleeping and stressing will be done between those four walls so why not fill it with things that you love?

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